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Win Every Time With Expert Premier League Betting Tips

The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the largest and most popular soccer leagues in the world. Besides being popular among fans, it also draws some of the highest numbers of bets. English football stands out for its speed, making it more entertaining than most other leagues and divisions. At NowScore, we bring you premier league betting tips throughout the season to help you win consistently and make regular profits.

Our community of experienced tipsters is always working to provide EPL tips for all matches.


How Do We Predict EPL Matches?

We have a large team of tipsters who have specialized knowledge of the EPL. These experts are always following the matches and players from the top tier of the English soccer system. We come up with the bet tips premier league using the following steps:

●       Firstly, we consider the form of both the sides and their key players. If the stronger side has been in good form recently, they are highly likely to win the upcoming match. On the other hand, if the technically inferior team has been in good form, the match is highly likely to end in a draw.

●       We also evaluate the real stake of a game when making our predictions. What is at stake in a match has a huge impact on how both the sides are going to play. The prediction on the scoreline is going to be different at the beginning of the season as compared to the end of the season. Sometimes, a team may have a more important match in the Champions League, which can affect their performance in the upcoming EPL match.

●       We also compare the odds on the EPL before making our predictions. This helps us find the matches that offer the best value for your bet. Besides, it also becomes easier to identify the most profitable markets.

Our predictions take many other factors into account. The in-depth knowledge and experience of our team plays a crucial role in understanding the current team performance and results. We go beyond the wins and losses and also evaluate the quality of performance delivered by teams and their key players. In addition to our knowledge, we also evaluate all the key statistics when making our predictions.


Our Team of EPL Specialized Tipsters

We have a large community of soccer tipsters that include specialized experts in the EPL. These experts follow the Premier League and suggest a wide range of bets on a weekly basis and daily basis. Our tipsters keep doing their research on the league to bring you the best possible bets. Our Premier League betting tips are focused on producing regular winnings and profits.

So before you bet on an EPL match, make sure to check the NowScore bet tips Premier League. You can find out which markets and outcomes are most likely to give you the big returns. We provide the latest odds for each match and each tip is backed by supporting statistics.

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