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Where to get sure betting tips?

The popularity of soccer betting stems from its ability to offer a wide variety of betting selections. There is a bet associated with almost every goal scored, every corner made, players making the first goal etc. But while all these types of bets are directly associated with the action happening on the soccer field, there is a type of bet which is based on the differing odds set by the bookies for a bet. This is known as a sure bet or specifically a miracle bet, betting arbitrage.

So popular is this type of soccer bet that tipsters have segments dedicated to making sure betting tips available to punters. In this type of bet if the punter puts all his resources on one bookmaker, he will surely make a loss. But when betting on the choices odds available with different bookmakers, the eventuality of making a profit increases and the winnings remain the same irrespective of the situation. Thus by placing sure bets, punters make themselves risk-free and get a guarantee of profit; a situation which is a rarity in soccer betting. This process is also known as arbing and with the sure betting tips available from good soccer betting prediction websites, the punter knows where to look for them.

Sure bet requirements

While this concept sounds too good to be true, in order to ensure that a punter is able to capitalise on the same, there are certain points which he must consider like:

  • Opening betting accounts with multiple bookmakers,
  • Bookmakers chosen to open accounts should be one who keep updating betting odds with regular frequency,
  • Surebetting results in smaller profits and hence large amounts of money need to be staked on it to earn a sizeable return,
  • Bookmakers with set maximum and minimum betting limits should not be considered for sure betting even if they appear on sure betting tips made by reliable tipsters.

Sure betting risks

Irrespective of the profit guarantee which this format of soccer betting guarantees, sure bets are also subject to certain risks. These risks include:

  • Bookmaker rules: Different bookmakers have different rules with regards to the betting limits that they set and also with their definition of an outcome. Thus before taking advantage of the sure betting tips available, a punter should read and understand all the terms and conditions set by the bookmakers minutely.
  • Bookmaker errors: Realising the potential of the advantage offered by the differing odds to punters, bookmakers too have come up with specific clauses in their terms and conditions. These clauses give the bookmakers the right to cancel a bet if they feel they have made a glaring error in the betting odds offered. In such instances, there is a chance that sure bets lose their guarantee of profitability and actually result in a loss for the punter.
  • Slow betting: Sure bets require quick action because the window of opportunity is very small. Thus even a minute delay can cause the punter to lose the opportunity. He also stands to lose money if he has already placed a wager on an outcome based on sure betting tips with a bookmaker but has yet to place a bet on another bookmaker for the same.
  • Selection of wrong bets: It is quite easy to make mistakes while placing sure bets. This is because sure bets need to placed quickly and despite the tips that are available, the chance of a mistake looms large with this kind of soccer bet.
  • Inexperience: Placing a sure bet is a continuous learning process. Thus the more experience one gains, the better he becomes at placing them. Thus while inexperience can result in monetary loses, experience combined with sure betting tips tends to ensure profit guarantee for sure bets.

Finding sure bets

Since time is the essence of placing sure bets, they need to be identified quickly and the wager placed immediately. There are actually two ways of finding or identifying sure bets. They are:

  • Manually searching each and every bookmaker website so that the odds can be compared for a particular outcome and sure bets placed. But this is very time consuming and liable to risks of overlooking or making errors in comparison etc.
  • Getting registered with websites offering sure betting tips so that they can be found quickly and with more certainty. Some of these websites might be paid ones while others might offer these tips for free. But statistically speaking, it is always better to opt for a paid service since they are bound to provide results.

Getting sure bet tips and predictions

There are several good soccer betting prediction websites which are proficient in spotting and passing on tips for sure betting. Some of these websites include:

  • BetBurger: This website offers some of the best sure betting tips by scanning odds and then calculating the possibility of the presence of sure bets by applying mathematical formulae. This website also advices punters on which sure bets to consider betting on and even how much money should be staked at these sure betting opportunities.
  • FBTC: This is a website which offers free tips for placing sure bets in soccer and other sports like tennis, cricket etc. With an 80% strike rate, this website is known for enabling punters to make profits with their sure betting tips. They also have a premium membership package wherein punters registering with them are offered premium tips for sure betting.
  • King Football Tips: This is a website which specialises in arbitrage betting with tips for sure bets provided on a daily basis. They also have a good strike rate and their daily arbitrage tips and predictions come with a guarantee of daily profits.
  • OddsMonkey: This is another free sure bet finding tool but the sure betting tips available for free might be limited. It is always recommended to upgrade to their Premium version for guaranteed profit making tips for placing sure bets.
  • Rebelbetting: This is by far the best, professionally managed, and paid arbing service available today. Punters registering with them are even provided with an e-book which guides them of how to place sure bets.

While there are some risks involved in sure betting, there is also the guarantee that the punter would not lose any money if he takes intelligent and quick decisions. This makes it a lucrative option to try for beating bookmakers at their own game.

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