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What is the best way to win on soccer bets regularly?

Are you a newbie football bettor just starting on your journey in the huge world of football betting? With billions of dollars being wagered on every single year on this sport, it is certainly a place where there is a lot of money to be made. But then why does every second bettor complain of losing money? And what can you do to not fall in the losing trap? Here are the tried and tested ways of winning your soccer bets regularly.

The best football events to bet on

The first thing you must do as a bettor is find out which events are actually worth putting your attention into. Logically, the events that garner the highest betting volume in terms of wagers are the best in this regard. Here are some of the best football events to place soccer bets on:

1.      FIFA World Cup

2.      Olympics Soccer

3.      Copa America

4.      UEFA Champions League

5.      Copa Libertadores

6.      Africa Cup of Nations

7.      UEFA European Championship

8.      UEFA Europa League

Concentrate on these very popular events and try to wager as many soccer bets as you can during season.

Study the Asian handicap market

Studying the Asian handicap market as a newbie bettor may not be something you are comfortable going considering that it can be a complex market to master, but don’t forget the sheer amount of money there is in it. Many experienced bettors bet professionally in this highly lucrative market. When you get the hang of it, you will find this market to be very interesting.

Find the right soccer bets for your temperament

There are a lot of soccer bets around to place wagers on. As a newbie, you may just be comfortable with one or two. That’s okay, but after betting for a while, you may find that you want to move in with more complex bets. Here are some bets for you to keep things interesting:

●       Money line

●       Single bet

●       Parlay bet

●       Double chance bet

●       Treble bet

●       Accumulator bet

●       Total goals bet

●       Correct score bet

●       First goal bet

●       Half time bet

●       Draw no bet

●       First goal scorer bet

●       Last goal scorer bet

●       Anytime goal scorer bet

●       Scorecast bet

Some of these bets mentioned above are very simple to understand and wager on and some like the Accumulator bet can be very difficult to win unless you are either very lucky or highly experienced.

It is okay to place soccer bets for fun and it is also okay to play for money as long as you are comfortable with what your motives are.

The importance of finding good tipsters

If you want to win soccer bets regularly, it is extremely important to find good tipsters. Find a site that has a veritable treasure-house of experienced tipsters who provide tips and predictions on upcoming and ongoing football events.

●       Soccer experts, soccer column writers and ex-soccer players are your best choice when it comes to tipsters. These are people who have a lot of knowledge about the sport.

●       Enough experience is something you should look for in tipsters.

●       The tipster you select must have a proven track record of providing great predictions over the years.

●       The tipster should be comfortable with researching data and statistics to come up with deep analysis of upcoming football events.

●       Insider information is something that can act as a boon. If a tipster is one who has a huge network of people he communicates with in the world of soccer, then he can be trusted to come up with good soccer bets predictions.

Analysing soccer bets carefully

The truth is that no matter how well you study the facts, you can still end up losing bets. Soccer is an unpredictable sport for sure. However, there are some factors that can be analysed to arrive at outcomes that are more possible than others. Here are the most important ones:

●       Team current form

●       The strengths and weaknesses of individual players

●       The unity of the team

●       The team manager and coaching staff

●       Ability to play under pressure

●       The schedule of the tournament

●       Consistency of performance

●       Injuries

●       Weather

●       Venue

●       Head to head average

●       Home ground advantage

If you bet casually once in a while, it is thus best to leave the task of predictions on expert tipsters who know what it is all about.

There are just too many factors that go into play that makes it impossible for any layperson to put them all into play to come up with accurate predictions.

Placing soccer bets

As you are well aware now, there are a lot of things that go into predicting soccer bets accurately and making a good sum of money from popular events. There is no dearth of information online, but using all this information to your advantage is what you need to learn to do. This is because:

●       The favourites will not always win.

●       Football matches may well be decided by very small margins.

●       You can very well expect the unexpected to happen before, during and after a soccer match.

The most important thing perhaps newbie bettors must know is to always have a budget to bet with. Exceeding the budget and betting money that you can’t afford is foolhardy. Having a separate bankroll with which to place soccer bets with is the smart thing to do.

In a football match, a very small factor which seems insignificant may decide the outcome and it can totally turn bookies on their heads. Being prepared to lose money on soccer bets is the best way to deal with disappointment. As a newbie bettor, playing after using accurate soccer tips from expert tipsters will lead to more wins and lesser disappointments.


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