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What is football prediction?

Do you love football? Do you look forward to every football season? Then football betting should be the next step for you. Predicting how football matches are going to turn out to be and then betting on them can be fun no doubt – but it can also make you some money. But first, you must understand what football prediction is all about. This blog post in an introduction on the subject.

Relying on luck

Football prediction is definitely not about relying on your luck. When you rely on luck, you are following in the footsteps of most bettors. Most of them end up losing their wagers. If you don’t want their fate to be yours too, you have to make sure that you reply on cold hard facts to make your predictions. In-depth analysis and statistical studies are required to make accurate football predictions.

The football match variables to consider

To be on the safe side with betting, you have to understand what variables are and how they affect the prediction process. Every football match that is played has a set of variables and the outcome depends on what the variables are. As a bettor, it is important that you find out what these variables look like in order to make a serious prediction.

Let’s look at some of these variables:

✔      Goal differentials

✔      Shots on target

✔      Possession

✔      Location of shots

✔      Shots on goal

Experienced tipsters have this data in front of them to come up with possible outcomes of different football matches that are to be played. As a bettor, it can be good if you are able to come up with this data for the last few matches the teams have played and study them. It will give you a good insight on how the end result is going to look like.

Expectancy of goal

Any football betting site worth its salt will have this kind of data available to you that can do a lot for your football prediction. What kind of goals you can expect the football match to yield will help you place a wide variety of bets you are likely to win. If you are able to find expert tipsters to provide you with information about goal expectancy rates, that too can be a positive thing on your betting journey.

The advantage of being on home ground

Tipsters pay a lot of attention to home ground advantage and you too should do it for the simple reason that it can affect football predictions a lot. Football teams playing on home ground are always expected to play a lot better. When you are calculating the betting odds for the teams that will be playing, make sure you take into account if one of them has the home ground advantage. Chances are, it will tilt the favour in that team’s direction even if it is just a little.

Who is playing the match?

The kind of players the team has decided to field should definitely be one of the things that should affect your football predictions. Finding out the team roster is necessary because if the team manager has decided to field weak players because of some reason, chances are that they will lose the match. One single weak player can spoil a team’s chances. But when there is just one great player in a team of weak players, the morale of the team can be so high that they can end up winning the match. So make sure your football prediction take this into account.

As you look at all this data, it can seem overwhelming to do so much homework before every football match you want to bet on. But don’t worry, because there are professionals who do football predictions and give bettors like you tips.

Insider information

This is the factor that helps some bettors make tons of money every year with football betting. Insider information can help you win and make predictions in a way nothing else can. But getting your hands on insider information is difficult, if not impossible. There are some highly renowned tipsters who are able to get inside information that lets them know of player injuries or team news that ultimately affect the performance of the players on the field. If you can react to such information before the bookies, you can stand to win.

Finding the right tipster

For a casual bettor, it can be difficult to find the time to invest in the studying of all this data and statistics. That is why professional tipsters are the answer. Finding good ones is very important.

The best way to find good tipsters for football predictions is to choose a good betting site first. Therein, you will be able to pick out experienced professional tipsters and base your decision on the kind of tips they have provided over the years.

Football predictions from experts

Choosing a site which has a large community of expert tipsters is crucial to success. It is easy to see why it is impossible for casual and even serious bettors to spend the kind of time and have the kind of commitment necessary to really study all the football data. So leave the job to the experts while you find football matches to bet on.

✔      Good football predictions can be given by professional team managers, sport columnists and tipsters.

✔      Predictions should be the result of relevant data and in-depth analysis.

✔      Only studying of data will not yield great results. It is necessary to keep in touch with current forms and trends.

Keeping track of each and every team that plays and most top players is something you can do to keep yourself abreast of happenings while the season is on. Some great tournaments to bet on are:

✔      FIFA World CUP

✔      UEFA Champions League

✔      Copa America

✔      Copa Liberdos

✔      UEFA Europa League

✔      Africa Cup of Nations

And many more.



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