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What is 1×2 football prediction?

Football betting is highly lucrative and if you have just entered the arena, it can be fun to explore the different markets and bets available. The 1×2 football betting market is very popular among punters and it is something you should know about as well.

So what is 1×2 football prediction bet? Let’s look at what it means.

Basic idea about 1×2 football prediction

In any football match, there are three possible outcomes and these are represented by 1, 2 and X.  1 represents a home win, 2 represents an away win and X represents a draw.

For example, say the favorites are placed at 2.36, the outsiders are placed with odds of 7.50, and the draw is placed at odds of 4.75.

When a $100 stake is placed by you for a 1×2 football prediction, then a bet on the favorites to win will get you $236 if they emerge victorious. If the other team wins and you placed a wager on them, then you stand to win $750 and if the match ends at a draw, then you will win $475.

If there is a chance that a football match will end in a draw, a 1×2 football prediction can be made.

The Double Chance Bet

This is a bet that emerges from a 1×2 football prediction when two possible outcomes are combined. It is a good bet to wager on as long as you understand what you are doing.

In the Double Chance Bet market, you have to bet on either 12, 1x or X2. This is basically a draw or home win, a draw or away win and draw or home win. Any of the combination works.

The best thing about the Double Chance Bet is that there is a higher possibility of you winning and making money with it.

A lot of experienced bettors choose this bet to place wagers on and they stand to win a good amount of money if their predictions come true.

The simplicity of the 1×2 football prediction

The most important thing that makes the 1×2 football bet a popular one in the sport is that it is a simple one. Considering the huge number of complex bets and markets around, the 1×2 football prediction is simple enough for even novice bettors to understand and surmise. It can be one of the first betting markets for you to explore if you wish to.

How to make the best 1×2 football predictions

Experienced tipsters use a wide variety of tools to arrive at 1×2 football predictions and if you are placing wagers in this market, here are a few you must consider.

a.      The circumstances of the game: A whole lot of things affect the circumstances in which a football match is being played. Assessing these things in consideration of how they will affect the outcome is important ad something tipsters do a lot of. Let’s have a look at some of the factors:

●       Venue: The venue where the match is being played is important. If a team has the home advantage, it considerably increases their chances of winning. Too many bettors dismiss the importance of this point, only to find out that it matters quite a bit to the end outcome of football matches.

●       Schedule: A punishing schedule can affect even the best of football teams and can throw your 1×2 football prediction into a tizzy. There may be a lot of flying during the tournament which can negatively affect the way a team performs on the field, even if it is the better one. So look at schedules because they can certainly play a very big role.

●       Recent form: The recent form of the players and the team overall is also a big factor to study about. Look at recent data of the teams that will be playing the match before coming up with your 1×2 football prediction.

●       Weather: Also make sure that enough attention is paid to the weather conditions prevailing during the match because it can affect the quality of the game on the field.

●       Injuries: Find out if any major player is suffering from injury or if he is being held back because of one. A lot of injures happen without the media knowing about it so some insider information can certainly help.

b.      The quality of the teams

The quality of the team as a whole obviously matters a lot in how the outcome is going to be like at the end and studying it is one of the jobs that tipsters perform. Here are some factors:

●       Player roster: The player roster is an important consideration for you to think about. Team managers may make last-minute changes to the roster as they deem fit and if this happens, it can affect the overall quality of the play.

●       Team news: Getting insider team news is a great thing to get spot-on 1×2 football predictions. If you can get it, then look for things like problems between players in the same team, locker room talk, etc, to find out if a team is in a good or bad mental state.

●       The coach: The attitude of the coach and how he keeps it together in the team is an important indicator of how a team is going to perform.

The best thing is to study all the fine details to come up with your predictions. But as with most bettors, there is just not enough time in the world to look at all the factors that may affect 1×2 football predictions and that is why finding a tipsters who does the hard work is the best idea.

Strong predictions win the day

If you are looking to bet on the 1×2 football market, it can be a wonderful thing to do as long as you have the support of some fantastic tipsters who make it a point to do in-depth analysis and research.


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