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How To Start Making Money With Football Value Bets

You can determine the value of a bet by determining your own probability of the event taking place. If you can identify events with high probability of occurring compared to the bookmaker’s odds, using this strategy in the long-term can help you make money. A soccer bet provides value if the probability of it occurring is greater than the probability implied by the bookie’s odds. So how do you find safe bet meaning in value bets and make profit from them. 

How to Make Money from Arbitrage Betting On Sports?

So How Do You Find Value Bets?

One effective way to find Football value bet is to look at the differences between bookie odds.  You can most often find value in events where bookies disagree that they can occur.

You can take advantage of such discrepancy in information or build your own model. If there is insider information available to you as a bettor that provides a clear indication of genuine probability compared to a bookie, you can make money there.

Who Should Pursue Value Betting in Soccer?

Even before you set out to engage in value betting in football, you should know that it has potentially high risks associated with it.

  • So you should be open to risks being able to take advantage of these bets.
  • You should also be ready to work the odds on your own and go beyond what the bookmakers have to offer. You should consider if your odds worth betting. You should be good with numbers.
  • If you have good knowledge of certain aspects of soccer, this may just be the right type of betting option for you.
  • Make sure that you have good amount of time to spare to how to find the odds.

You can also consider spending money to have a value betting system. This can be an option for those who don't have the time or aren't good with numbers.

It is full of risks, but if you can use the right approach, you can make some decent profits. It is also important that you are good with managing your bankroll.

Identifying & Finding Value Bets

There is no hard and fast rule to finding value bets. It requires dedicating time and effort to find odds worth betting.

i. Specialize

As already indicated, it is important to specialize on a specific area.

  • Try to specialize in leagues or championships that you are already interested in
  • The things you learn can then be applied to other leagues
  • Start by betting on what you know the most about
  • You can also consider specializing in certain teams that you are already familiar with
  • Having knowledge of team history and performance can be of great help here

ii. Learn about Probabilities

Make sure you understand probabilities. This is one of the most important value betting tips. The betting odds are probabilities of a specific outcome. They are also referred to as ‘implied probability’.

iii. Create Your Own Odds

You should check the upcoming matches in the league you are interested in.

  • Come up with your own odds for each match
  • Make sure to create these odds without checking the odds provided by bookies
  • When you set your own odds, you are thinking how to find the odds base on probabilities
  • When you check the outcome of your odds, you are able to compare your abilities against the bookmakers

It will take lots of practice to master this and this is important for building your sense for value.

iv. Remember That It’s a Betting Market

Remember that it is a betting market and general opinion is going to have an impact on the odds. It takes time to think this way, but once you look at soccer that way, it can be impossible to undo it.

v. Check Your Results

How you build your notions for value will depend on how your previous evaluations performed. Make sure to check your results to calibrate your probabilities in the future. Review your assessments when each match concludes. Also analyze how the league or team performed recently. Examples include:

  • What is the worth of home-field edge in actual terms?
  • Is it over-valued by the market?
  • Is there a general bias for a specific team or teams in specific situations?

Evaluating all these factors can help you tune your mindset to value.

vi. Persistency

It takes time to build your ability to find Football value bet.

  • It will take some time to build an intuitive sense for value
  • You will also have to learn how to assess the gut feel for markets
  • This is important even when you create or use a betting model
  • Remember that the best kind of knowledge is built through experience

Even when developing advanced betting models to make predictions, it will be required to build an institute sense for value.

Different Strategies for Making Money From Sports Betting That Actually Work

Tools for Searching Value Bets

There are different tools that can translate into safe bet meaning when it comes to value betting. These tools can be divided based on how they work:

  • Surebet Scanners: These tools gather data from different bookies. The algorithm has a set of coefficients provided by the bookies for the same outcome of an event. Value is calculated based on the collected data. The highest for both sides of the surebet is determined, which is the result.
  • Value Bet Scanners: These scanners find overvalued coefficients and follow the same method. They are different in not calculating the second side of surebet.
  • Sports Forecasts: In this case, the coefficients are evaluated manually. It is expected to be much simpler for most soccer punters.

So if you want to make money from value betting, it is recommended to follow the above-mentioned tips. These value betting tips rely on the bettor’s knowledge and experience. So it is important that you dedicate some time to build your knowledge by specializing in one or more aspects of the sport. You can start by finding value in leagues and teams that you are already familiar with.

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