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How to Make Money from Arbitrage betting On Sports?

There are many sports bettors who would like to find bets with low risks and no long losing streaks. It can be even better if there are types of bets where you are not left at the mercy of luck. Arbitrage betting is one such type of sports betting option. It allows you to make profits consistently and generate a steady return on your investment. Find out what this type of sports betting is and how you can make money from it by finding the opportunities.

What is Arbitrage Betting in Sports?

Arbitrage betting is a kind of sports betting activity involving simultaneous bets being placed on all potential outcomes of a sports event. These bets are placed at odds that ensure profit, no matter what the outcome is going to be. It is also referred by the following names:

  • Arbs
  • Sure bets
  • Sure wins
  • Miracle bets

Those who place these bets are known as arbers.

In most cases, this is placed in scenarios having just 2 outcomes. The opportunities for these bets usually come up when the bookies differ on odds or make errors when it comes to pricing a type of bet. It is different from traditional form of gambling and is focused more on a mathematical strategy to guarantee profit. It is commonly used as the foundation in many soccer betting strategies.

How Much Can You Make from Arbitrage Betting?

If bet on a consistent basis, arbitrage betting opportunities can be found several times, almost every day. When considering placing this type of bet it is important to realize that the big profits are in the long run. The ROI from each match or event is usually going to be a small margin.

It is important to keep the following points in mind when place sure wins bets:

  • It requires some patience and diligence to build up your bankroll
  • Compared to gambling, sports arbitrage is a low-risk, high-yield form of sports betting option
  • You can expect to make an average of 10-15% a month from this form of betting

Finding Arbitrage Opportunities

You can search for arbitrage betting opportunities by looking through odds comparison platforms. This is going to consume a lot of time. Even with all that hard work, once you find the right opportunities, it is likely that the odds have gone. This is why you will need the help of professional tipsters to find the right opportunities before they are gone.

There are many sports, events, and different outcomes on which you can bet. The bookmakers are going to disagree on almost every one of these outcomes, creating the opportunity for you to make profits through sure bets. However, the bookies are smart and miracle bets don’t appear as often as they should.

The following tips can help you make money from sure bets:

  • Make sure to keep track of all your bets and transactions
  • Successful arbers can have multiple accounts with different bookies
  • Varying amounts of funds are spread across the different accounts at a given time
  • It is recommended to create a spreadsheet to keep track of your bets
  • Make sure to check the odds before you place both sides of the event. Odds can fluctuate, especially just before the match begins or in a popular match


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Protecting Your Accounts

Once you start arbitrage betting, you will find that it can be easy to make profits, but harder to protect your accounts from being closed by the bookmakers. This is the reason there is no perfect formula for this type of betting – every bookmaker is different. They are going to regularly update their systems, so you will have to regularly change your tactics.

You will also have to look at your betting patterns from the perspective of the bookmakers.

It is recommended to follow these tips to protect your accounts when engaging in arbitrage betting:

i. Smaller Wagers

As already mentioned, it can be easy to make money from sure bets. This is both good and bad. It can be bad for many punters because once they start seeing the profits, they can increase their bet limits. Most bookmakers allow you to bet several thousands on events. But the moment you start betting big with a new account, it can draw the bookie’s attention. So it is recommended to place small wagers when using this strategy.

You should be able to increase your wagers once your account is old and has been used to bet consistently. The bet size should also depend on the type of event it is. For example, if you are betting on the tournament final, a wager of several hundreds of dollars or pounds shouldn’t look out of the ordinary.

ii. Create an Impression of a Normal Bettor

This follows from the above-mentioned point in arbitrage betting. You should create and maintain a profile that creates an impression that you are a normal punter. As a normal bettor if you place an arbitrage bet that looks unordinary, bookmakers are going to check your history. If they find a history of normal bets, they are not likely to freeze your account.

At the same time, you should know that having a profitable account doesn’t mean that you are an easy target for raising suspicion. Your account can be at risk of frozen if you consistently place bets on very high odds. It is recommended to follow these tips:

  • Build a profile of a consistent punter
  • Don’t always place sure bets
  • Don’t always place specific types of bets

iii. Avoid Unique or Small Markets

Placing a large bet on a major soccer match is not going to draw the bookie’s attention. But a large wager on a lower division soccer game can certainly look odd. Usually, arbitrage bet finders will not differentiate between different markets, but you should be careful not to choose markets that seem to be weird.

So follow these tips to protect your account and continue making profits from arbitrage betting. Remember it requires some planning and multiple account creation before you can get started.

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