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How to bet on soccer and always win?

For the uninitiated, betting in general is quite an overwhelming. For a person recently indulging in soccer betting, it is even more so and the frequent question they keep asking is how to bet on soccer and always win. There are just too many bookies each trying to outdo the other in terms of free beginner bonuses and others such freebies. There are so many different types of bets to understand right from the ones which are quite straightforward to the ones which are quite complicated and need experience to understand like the:

  • Asian handicap wherein the weaker side gets assigned certain extra goals,
  • The over wherein the stake gets multiplied by the total number of corners and under corner markets wherein bookies set the target and
  • Score casts offering very long odds for both:

    • The match result and
    • The first and last goal scorer.

Some important pointers

  • Set up multiple accounts: While a single account may sound tempting considering all the bonuses and benefits a beginner gets, it is not a very feasible idea. It plays to the bookmaker’s advantage which gets reduced when a person has multiple accounts. This is because:


    • Each bookmaker offers different odds and
    • Taking the best odds reduces the bookmaker’s margin to 1.5% or even lower.

Thus a player only needs to be 2% better than a bookmaker to ensure consistent long term profits. This is the first point to remember when trying to chalk out a strategy on how to bet on soccer and always win.

  • Understanding the odds vs the probabilities: The calculation for odds to probability needs to be done for every bet. It is very important to assign probabilities to all potential outcomes of the match i.e. a win by either side or a draw. These probabilities then need to be compared with the odds. A bet should only be placed if and only if the probability assigned to a soccer match outcome is absolutely higher than the implied probability of the bookmaker. Thus it would not be wrong to say that:


    • Soccer gambling is not only about backing winners since those who back the so-called losers, tend to win big.
    • The trick is to understand the probabilities of the game which is the mainstay of every bookmaker’s strategy and use it to develop your own process of how to bet on soccer and always win
  • Media dependability: There is generally a lot of hype generated whenever there is a soccer match scheduled. They even talk about favourites and goal predictions which they claim to be based on expert advice. But a punter needs to understand that media predictions might be entertaining but they definitely are not strong enough to beat the bookies.
  • Long shot bias: This is a very dependable way to beat the bookies and win reliable profits, provided one understands and applies this how to bet on soccer and always win procedure. This process is developed based on a phenomenon displayed by soccer betting markets. This phenomenon is known as the long-shot bias wherein it is the favourites who command better odds than the “long shots”. This bias is because of the fact that:

    • The potentially bigger profits offered by larger odds attracts the punters,
    • Smaller gains made by placing bets on the favourites are undervalued with the bookies accordingly adjusting their odds,
    • Where big soccer matches are concerned, punter hate to back draws and
    • While punters keep hoping for a win either way, the bookmakers cleverly increase the odds placed on a draw.

Thus placing bets on a draw, especially for big matches, is a sure way to make profits consistently.

  • Gaining thorough knowledge of the sport: This is not just about knowing winning statistics of the teams playing but about knowing every relevant detail about the players, the combinations which suit the best, the best places for scoring goals etc. In short, the punter needs to have a knowledge of every minute details associated with the game.
  • Favourite betting is not fool proof: Generally bookies offer better odds for favourites but punters should not be influenced by it. Statistics prove that underdogs tend to perform better and hence should also be taken into account when deciding to place a bet. In fact the winnings are considerably higher for placing bets on underdogs.
  • The lesser the selection, the better is the outcome: This is an important point to note in understanding how to bet on soccer and always win. The more selections that a punter adds to his bet, the lesser become his chances of winning. Any punter who wants to make money by betting needs to think small. Generally the safest thing to do is to place bets on a maximum of 3 or 4 selections. Placing bets on any more selections is likely to have disastrous results.
  • Odds-on price temptations: These are best avoided since they tend to decrease a punter’s chances of winning. Thus it is always better to study the team statistics, research on their techniques, check the team combinations and any changes that have taken place etc. then place the bet on a favourable draw and also back them at better prices.
  • Considering the less obvious betting avenues: Soccer betting is not always about placing bets on which team wins and which loses. There are many short-term bets which can be placed like the first goal to be scored, the first penalty a team gets etc. These less obvious betting avenues are easier to predict and win and thus should not be ignored.

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While gambling is quite a risky business, if done sensibly by using the heat and never letting the heart rule, it can prove to be an exciting and profitable addition to watching the actual game unfolding. It is also about knowing the right markets and right prices as well as the right time to place a bet on. And most importantly, it is about developing the correct strategy on how to bet on soccer and always win.

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