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How many football leagues are there in Germany?

Some top football leagues of the world are played in German

German is the country of football. Over the years, this great country of Europe has gifted top-class football players in the world. German has won the World Cup 4 times and most recently in the year 2014. There are several leagues taking place throughout the year in this country and all these leagues are equally popular in the country as also in Europe and the World. As such, German football leagues are the center of attraction for the bookmakers and punters as well. There are top-class bookmakers opened up and welcoming punters to put their money and win good amounts daily when the leagues are in full swing. Consequently, high-profile tipsters are offering bundesliga predictions for punters interested in investing in German football leagues.


Football leagues in German

There are several levels of football leagues going on in German throughout the year. It is said that the German Football Association, DFB (German: Deutscher Fußball-Bund), is very experimental in making the leagues attractive and pull more spectators in each match. At present, there are 13 levels of football leagues played in German; of course, Bundesliga is the most popular among them. Bundesliga is also the main attraction of bookmakers, punters, and tipsters. Top tipsters are providing bundesliga predictions with the highest levels of accuracy over the years online. Let’s have a look at the most popular German leagues for which the football lovers and bettors wait eagerly and for which tipsters provide professional tips including bundesliga predictions:

●       Bundesliga – This is the 1st division football league of the country. It’s played including the 1st division teams only. Bundesliga started in German in 1963 and still, it is the most-viewed and most popular football league in German. Bundesliga is also one of the most popular football league in the world where top-class footballers from other European countries, Brazil, Africa, and the USA take part. Over the past 46 years since its inception, this 1st Division football league has remained almost the same. As such bundesliga predictions are often searched online as punters want to participate actively in soccer betting markets involving this league.

●       ZWEITE Bundesliga – This is the 2nd division football league in German. It consists of dozens of football clubs of German desiring quick promotion to the first division. This 2nd division league is also known as 2.Liga. In this league, the football federation of German has experimented a lot to make the league more popular and visible to the world outside. During the 1960s and 70s, this was known as Regionalliga when the matches were organized on a regional basis. Then, in the 1980s the 2nd division league was consolidated into two parts, viz. 2.Liga Nord and 2. Liga Sud. But, these were combined into one format in the 1990s (except in 1990-91). This the format that we could see right now. The 2nd division clubs playing in this league are not as popular as Bundesliga, still, some markets are opened for these league and bundesliga predictions are available for this league too.

●       DRITTE Liga – This is the 3rd division league in German that was started in 2008-09. It is also known as 3.Liga. This league is a fully professional league arranged every year in German and promoted by the football federation of that country. A total of 20 teams play in this professional league. Teams like Eintracht Braunschweig, MSV Duisberg, FC Ingolstadt, Carl Zeiss Jena, and Waldhof Mannheim participate in this league regularly.  There are certain rules and regulations following that the teams from Bundesliga, 2.Liga, and Regionalliga participate in this league. To participate in betting related to this league, you can refer bundesliga predictions for accurate predictions and sure wins.

●       Regionalliga – This one of the oldest leagues in German. However, the football federation of the country decided to revamp the system of this league while starting 3.Liga. Regionalliga actually started along with Bundesliga in 1963 when it was the 2nd division football league in German. There were four parts in this league, viz. Berlin, Nord, Sud, Sudwest, and Nord. In 2001, when there were no 3rd division 3.Liga, Regionalliga was considered the 3rd division league tournament comprising of two fully professional leagues, viz. Regionalliga Nord and Regionalliga Sud.  In 2008, the league was segregated in three parts, viz. Nord, Sud, and West. This now the 4th division league in German that is quite popular and some top bookmakers release odds for this league too for which bundesliga predictions are available to punters.

Besides these four top leagues, there are the following leagues played in German:

●       5th Division league – Oberliga

●       6th Division league – Verbandsliga

●       7th division – Landsliga

●       8th Division – Bezirsksoberliga

●       9th Division – Bezirksliga

●       10th Division – Kreisliga

●       11th Division – Kreisklasse A

●       12th Division – Kreisklasse B

●       13th Division –  Kreisklasse C


Most popular football league in German

It is obvious from the above discussion that Germans take football very seriously. In fact, German football leagues especially the first four division leagues are closely followed by the world and football bookmakers. As such, you have plenty of opportunities to win good amounts from different markets but of course, you need the expert assistance of tipsters that come in the form of bundesliga predictions. Bundesliga is undoubtedly the most popular soccer league in German and one of the most popular leagues in Europe. In the last year, the average attendance of this league was nearly 35,000 per match. The successful clubs participating in this league are professionally managed and most of them have built their stadiums as well. Overall, the clubs participating in this league are financially grounded and expanding day-by-day.

This is natural that punters have a high interest in bundesliga for which bundesliga predictions from the most successful tipsters of the present time are always available. The games are played in different stadiums and in different environments. All the top leagues in German attract football lovers because of the excitement involved in these leagues and every match. The clubs are professionally run and hiring top-order players according to their abilities. This means, you always need bundesliga predictions for winning high amounts. As so many matches are taking place every day, it is not possible for one person to keep track of all these matches. This is why bundesliga predictions come handy.

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