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How do you win soccer bets by soccer betting system?

Soccer is a very popular game which keeps the whole world glued to every game played. The fast-paced action and the every-changing dynamics of the game make it thrilling yet unpredictable; possibly the very traits which make soccer betting a huge success where betting is concerned.

There are a number of risks involved in soccer betting but the rewards are also very big. This makes it imperative for any one operating in this realm to understand the various possibilities that this game presents and place good bets so that the stakes get actually multiplied. Once a punter has a good grasp of the system, he will be able to:

  • Get a better understanding of the complexities involved in the soccer betting system,
  • Understand simple and complicated strategies better,
  • Decide on the appropriate amount of money that needs to accompany each beta and
  • Comprehend whether the situation warrants the placement of long or short bets.

Some popular strategies

Soccer betting strategies have a way of being able to make complicated things simpler by throwing up possibilities a punter would otherwise not be aware. Some of the popular winning strategies that are being used today are:

  • Accumulator betting: Perhaps one of the best known soccer betting strategy this strategy is most popular in betting beginners.  Also called a “Multibet”, in accumulator betting a punter is able to combine a number of different bets placed on single events and the games as a whole and place a consolidated bet. This results in the multiplication of all the different odds pertaining to the different bets placed and forming a combined odd which is extremely high. This ultimately results in much higher profits but also carries higher risks.
  • Back and lay:  This is one of those strategies in soccer betting systems which bring about a good amount of variety to sports betting. In a back-bet, the punter generally places the bet on a certain outcome or event associated with game while in a lay-bet, the punter bets against it. The interesting part of the strategy is that punters can deal in and sell using their own bets on bookmaker websites.
  • Double chance: This online soccer betting strategy is for punters who are quite averse to taking risks. In this strategy, the punter bets on two outcomes which enhance the chances of his winning the bet by about 33%. But this type of betting strategy can only be used in games where there is a possibility of 3 different outcomes which makes it ideal for soccer betting.
  • Halftime and fulltime: There is quite some amount of risk involved in this betting strategy which makes it all the more interesting. Herein the punter gets a chance to bet both on the halftime standings of the teams playing the soccer game and also on the results that are expected after fulltime. The catch here is that the punter can only win the bet provided his halftime and fulltime predictions are proven to be correct; else even if one prediction is correct, the bet is lost. This type of double soccer betting system can only be used in games like soccer wherein the two halves of the game are interrupted by a break.
  • These bets become even more interesting when a favourite is expected to win. This is because each team participating in the game starts with a backlog or handicap which needs to be equalized during the course of the game. This increases the odds to great heights than it would otherwise go in a regular game.
  • This is similar to the system followed in real-time stock markets. This is one of the several soccer betting systems offered by bookmakers. Herein the punter is able to hedge his bets against the possibility of losses. This hedging is generally achieved by buying and selling other bets.
  • Last minute goals: This is a very popular strategy adopted by punters when betting in games like soccer, hockey etc. where live betting is a rampant phenomenon. This is a very thrilling strategy wherein the punter places his bets at a very advanced stage of the game. The lesser the time remaining for the game to get over, the higher are the odds. Herein the punter places bets on a goal getting scored at the last minute. When that happens, he wins big but when it does not, he loses.
  • Lucky 15: This soccer betting strategy is ideal for soccer tournaments played around the world. This involves placing bets on 4 games which is used to build-up 15 different types of bets namely:



    • 4 single bets with 1 bet placed on each game,
    • 6 doubles,
    • 4 accumulator bets made using 3 matches and
    • 1 quady.


  • Over and under: This is a very nice, simple and easy to understand strategy associated with soccer betting systems. Initially introduced to make punters bet on the number of goals that will get scored in a soccer match, today a variant of the same is used. Now bookmakers fix up a certain number as the number of goals to be scored and the punters bet to decide whether the goals scored would be “over” that mark or “under” the mark.
  • Scorecast and Wincast: In both of these forms of soccer betting, a punter bets on one person who they think is most likely to score a goal. The difference between the two lies in the fact that:


    • In scorecast the final result of the game too needs to be rightly and exactly guessed and
    • In wincast the punter also has to predict the winning team correctly.
  • This is a very well-known and quite promising soccer betting system wherein the main focus is on the odds associated with variable betting. This variable betting odd varies from bookmaker to bookmaker enabling the punter to place safe bets which carry no risks.

There are many different types of betting associated with soccer and it depends on the punters expertise and experience as to which betting strategy he would prefer to go with.

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