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Characteristics Of Genuine Soccer Prediction Sites

Soccer betting is a team game wherein a partnership between soccer prediction sites and the punters results in the defeat of the bookmaker’s strategies. It is a known fact that a bookmaker is only loyal to himself and works towards making money by capitalising on the loss of the punter. Therefore the punter has to be extra careful that he does not get taken in by the traps set by the bookmakers and is able to take intelligent decisions with regards to placing a stake or making a wager.

The decision to place wagers on the outcomes of the many different types of bets prevalent in soccer betting is largely based on the tips provided by soccer prediction sites. Thus the selection of the same needs careful research and deliberation. Tips and predictions that are made available from these soccer tipsters are based on:

  • Statistical analysis,
  • A thorough knowledge of the game and
  • Impact of the other environmental, social, psychological and physical factors which have an impact on the outcome of the game.

The data pool that is available with these soccer tipsters and the panel of experts that a good soccer prediction website employs is something which the punter can never hope to get by himself. Hence the importance of collaborating with soccer prediction sites and spending money on getting good value predictions and tips lies in the fact that good tips and predictions have the ability to make a punter win the wagers that he places.

Thus, the dependence of the punter on the tipster website is enough to convince the punter that the time and money spent in engaging with a good tipster website as well as spending money to buy tips for value bets is definitely an exercise which the punter needs to execute on priority.7987294755

However, even though there are numerous tipster websites, each of which claim to be the best in the business, the selection of the same can be quite a challenging process. There is an element of risk involved since there are several spurious soccer prediction sites which:

  • May sell off the personal data of punters that they collect when a punter registers with them,
  • Do not make winning payments on time or never make them at all,
  • Disappear after they collect payments from punters etc.

Characteristics of a good soccer prediction website

Thus in order to ensure that a punter does not get duped in the selection of a good soccer tipster website, there are certain factors that he needs to look into and certain requirements that the tipsters need to fulfil like:

  • Knowledge: Correct soccer predictions can only be made if the tipsters have a thorough knowledge of the game. Websites boasting about their knowledge where football is concerned should raise the red flag since good soccer prediction sites let their predictions talk about their knowledge. Thus a punter needs to access the degree of knowledge possessed by these websites based on the performance data available on their website.
  • Strike rate: Betting is a risky business and the game of soccer is known for its unpredictability. Thus it is absolutely impossible for a tipster website to have a strike rate of 100%. Any website claiming the same is definitely not one whom the punters can rely on for soccer betting tips and predictions. Websites giving a strike rate of around 90% substantiated by statistical data should definitely rank very high on the punter’s list of probable soccer prediction sites.
  • Reviews: There are two types of customer reviews that are available on tipster websites. They are:



    • Positive and negative reviews and
    • Paid reviews.

That tipster websites spend money to get paid positive reviews written about them on their respective websites is a fact which no punter can ignore. But again the punter needs to use his discretion to judge the authenticity of the reviews all the while keeping in mind the fact that no soccer prediction website can be so efficient and effective that it gets no negative reviews.

On the other hand, soccer prediction sites which put up genuine reviews received from punters irrespective of whether they are positive or negative, should always be given preference. Another thing that needs to be checked with regards to the customer reviews available on the internet is the approach the tipster website takes to tackle the reviews. A good tipster website will always be courteous and polite when answering queries, thankful for good reviews received and try to resolve any inconvenience faced by their registered punters and which get put up on the website as negative reviews.

  • Insider news: Most soccer prediction sites which actually have a history of offering soccer betting tips and predictions with a high strike rate, have some insider connection  making them privy to confidential information regarding an upcoming soccer match. However, it is the quality of information that they receive which determines the validity of the tips and predictions that they make. Thus the strike rate of any tipster website claiming to have insider information should always be checked and decisions taken accordingly.
  • Reasons and details: Only reliable soccer prediction sites have the guts to openly state the statistics, mathematics and logical reasoning involved in the predictions that they make. This is another very important determining factor which plays an important role in determining the final selection of a soccer prediction website.
  • Trial period: All good soccer prediction websites offer a trial period so that punters are able to judge the authenticity of the predictions they make. This too acts as a determining factor in the final selection of the tipster website.
  • Guarantee: There are certain websites which offer guaranteed wins based on their tips and predictions. In fact some even offer 2 free predictions for every prediction that makes a punter lose money. Punters should definitely opt for these soccer prediction sites provided the tipster website mandatorily fulfils all the other criteria.

Making a soccer betting prediction takes a lot of diligent, sincere and honest effort. Thus the tipster websites should be chosen accordingly.


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