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Germany Bundesliga Predictions: Everything you need to know

The Bundesliga is not only the primary football competition in Germany, but also one of the biggest leagues in the world. And there's no wonder why. Home to heavyweights Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, German teams as well as clubs are ever present at the highest level of European football. Most importantly, before you start betting on it, you should know that the Bundesliga is gritty, tough and almost always unpredictable.

The Bundesliga ranks sixth among all professional sports leagues across the globe in terms of revenue (€3,375 million). The fact that 54 clubs have participated in Bundesliga since it started speaks volumes about its popularity. Furthermore, this league boasts of the highest average stadium attendance all over the world. Usually, the Bundesliga season starts from August and continues till May. There are a total of 18 teams playing in Bundesliga each season.

Each team plays twice against every team, out of which one game is played at home and one away. Thus the total number of matches played by each team is 34. The club who wins Bundesliga also qualifies for the DFL SuperCup. Bundesliga works on the points system. This is to say that for each game, the winner gets 3 points, the loser gets 0 points and in cases of draws or ties, both the teams get 1 point. The club who stands with the maximum points at the end of the season becomes the German Bundesliga Champion.

With tensions running as high as the stakes, and the whole world watching, naturally, the market for German Bundesliga predictions flourishes.

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German Bundesliga odds and tips from experts

Since the selection of the Bundesliga fixtures is a long and intricate process, predictions and betting begins way earlier than the game. Also, as games are usually spread over the weekend (typically from Friday to Sunday), Bundesliga matches are set for the same time of the season almost every week. You will find most of the Bundesliga betting tips posted in websites, especially the ones that offer match previews, 2 or even 3 days before the game kicks off. With most of the tipsters vying to sell Bundesliga predictions and tips, how do you know which ones to trust?

We recommend you to go for the punters and tipsters who have a history with German games. Some authentic tipsters will often involve various other German games in their daily football tips, which may even include a variety of different bets. If you're serious about betting on the Bundesliga, make sure you check them out when they are updated.

Why choose Nowscore for Bundesliga predictions?

It's simple. We have the expertise (literally at your fingertips) to skyrocket your Bundesliga betting to the next level. Do you want to find out everything you need to know about the Bundesliga from expert Bundesliga betting tips to the best odds? Well, you came to the right place.

  • If you follow our betting tips on a regular basis, you know you are guaranteed to find the best German Bundesliga odds with Nowscore.
  • We ensure we have credible tipsters listed with us, who go through rigorous background checks and earn the Trust verification and monitoring stamp on their pages.
  • We want our betting experts to always ensure that they pick the best odds from a range of online betting sites we list so that you don’t have to worry later and can enjoy the entire betting experience.
  • You’ll always find the best odds with tipsters listed at Nowscore.
german bundesliga predictions

How to select tipsters with best Bundesliga predictions?

The factor of uncertainty when it comes to soccer, especially the likes of the German Bundesliga, makes soccer betting and predictions quite difficult. However, that is what makes it exciting! In order to make the most of it, without falling into the clutches of scammers, you need to keep some things in mind. Here are few basic tricks and tips that can be implemented when looking for the perfect tipster website and services. Understanding the legitimate tipsters and soccer prediction sites can be very helpful. This way you can recognize and tap into their potential to earn via soccer betting.

Our europa league picks teak this factor seriously into account:

  • Win rate:
  • This is the only factor that matters to most bettors, and why not? The best soccer tipsters are naturally expected to have very high wins rate. Of course each tipster has days when they predict incorrectly, but you're looking for the one with maximum profits. We recommend you to simply not trust any listing website or tipster service which doesn't reveal the numbers. You should look for experts with win rates closer to 90%. Ideally, win rates of 85% and more are considered to be excellent by most bettors and even punters. This also helps increase your confidence levels when relying on the expert’s predictions. You should know that it is extremely difficult for a tipster to maintain such high winning rates. It’s almost near to impossible and speaks volumes about their knowledge and precision when it comes to German Bundesliga predictions and betting.

    You should also look for stats like experience or number of matches predicted by the tipster and his overall profile.

    We, at Nowscore, try to connect you with as many such tipsters as possible.

  • Feedbacks by other punters and bettors:
  • Given that we have an extensive network of punters and bettors using our facilities to make money, it's only right that you listen to their recommendations before making your own decisions.

    We encourage you to evaluate the independent feedbacks left by other soccer punters on various tipster websites listed with us. .

  • Select sites carefully:
  • Opt for the sites which, are highly responsive on all devices. In this age advanced technology, it is important to share the same ideologies as your business partner. In the same way sites that understand your requirements and make it easier for you is the one that you need. Common sense suggests that a site which doesn't take enough pains to be easily accessible to its customers on any and every device has to have a shady background or intent; don't you think so?

    Today soccer predictions are meant for soccer enthusiasts and betting aficionados who prefer being smack down in the middle of the fun, with live betting. A responsive design of the German Bundesliga odds and predictions website would definitely help you conserve precious time. And time is money in the betting world.

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Nowscore guarantees an experience to bettors

You can now effortlessly explore more such exciting Bundesliga fixtures, predictions and bets on Nowscore. Nowscore has been built for betting enthusiasts, both seasoned and newbies, who are serious about earning through betting while also intending to enjoy the process. We encourage you to look for the Trust verification and monitoring stamp on the website, such as on the Nowscore page. It is a symbol of authenticity and our constant efforts to provide you with the best betting experience. Why should you only pay for a couple of numbers when you can get a whole experience? Join us now and see for yourself.

Bundesliga predictions for the popular Bundesliga matches is full of odds and attracts lot of spectator from all over the world. It is one main event for the punters to make quick money from all the hype that is built. Only thing is how you utilize this opportunity. We can help you win, whatever it takes. So, come and join us and lets’ enjoy the game while making some serious money at the same time.