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Football Asian Handicap: all you need to know

Various kinds of soccer betting have mushroomed since the introduction of technology, owing to a number of factors. One such popular variation is the Asian Handicap soccer. It is one of the most exciting games to not only watch, but also bet on. Asian handicap betting markets are only growing with the seasons. Moreover, if you want to join in the action, it only takes a little basic knowledge and a trustworthy Asian handicap bets and predictions website. Let's begin with the basics first.

Asian handicap asian handicap soccer

What is Asian handicap football?

Asian handicap football is known as typical champion versus underdog match. The stronger team must score more goals for the bettors betting on it to win. Being a form of spread betting, which means you can spread your bets between the competing teams, this is one of the popular bets available in the market. You must also remember that the handicap offered by the bookmakers currently may not be the final handicaps offered.

The handicapped team is given a head start in order to virtually lead the game and level the field. In simple words, Asian Handicap soccer is designed to eliminate the possibility of a draw in a Soccer match, or to reduce the match to two possible outcomes.

Basically, there are two types of Asian handicaps bet that is offered to the bettors:

  • half goal and whole goal. In such case of a half-goal handicap (0.5 or 1.5 etc.), naturally, there is always a clear winner as it’s not possible to score half a goal.
  • On the other hand, in case of a whole goal handicap (0, 1, or 2), if the result is level after the handicap is taken into consideration, then all bets are refunded. For instance, suppose Arsenal -1.5 and Everton +1.5 are on the market. A bet in favour of Arsenal only wins if Arsenal wins the match by two or more goals. On the other hand, a bet in favour of Everton wins whether Everton wins the match, the match results in a draw or Arsenal wins by 1 goal.

Quarter goal handicaps are also offered by most bookmakers. This is basically a combination of a half goal and a whole goal handicap (for example, +0 & +0.5, -0 & -0.5). How does this work? It's simple: the stake is divided between a bet on the zero (level) handicap and another bet on the half-goal handicap. For instance, if you back Chelsea for £20 to beat Liverpool with a handicap of -0 & -0.5, then you have two separate £10 bets for the same odds mentioned.

If in a match Chelsea wins it by equal to or more than one goal then, both bets are won by the bettor.

If the game ends in a draw, then the -0.5 handicap loses the bet and the other half (+0) is considered void, therefore, refunded to the bettors.

In case Chelsea loses the match, then both parts of the bet is lost.

Simply put, a zero goal start in Asian handicap bets effectively means ‘Draw – No Bet'. This means there must be a winner in the match, or all bets are considered void. This is also why the Asian handicap betting is considered high accuracy bets which are generally recommended for seasoned bettors. That's not to say that rookie bettors should shy away from this excitement. A credible listing site such as Nowscore can help you connect with pro punters offering authentic tips. The Nowscore seal of approval and guarantee lets you explore the expertise of thousands of tipster sites for any game and experience the best of Asian handicap betting.

asian handicap football

How to verify Asian handicap soccer betting tips?

We always recommend our esteemed customers to verify soccer tips before you purchase them. At Nowscore, our aim is to simply help you find the best tips that win you money consistently. The fact is that it can be difficult to determine whether the predictions are reliable if you don’t have complete knowledge of a game and there's no guarantee even then. Especially when it comes to a sport as thrilling as Asian handicap football, which can become a cash cow when you bet with caution.

So, how do you stay safe from the clutches of scammers? We suggest bettors to consider the following points when verifying tips and predictions from football tipsters even on our platform, because why not?

  • A tipster's profile: When evaluating different best football tipster’s sites, make sure to check the profile of the tipster who is aiding that site in churning out the numbers. This evaluation should focus on two things:
    • The tipster should have the experience and knowledge required to provide accurate soccer betting tips. After all, why should you settle for anything less than a pro?
    • If possible, find out how long the professional has been into the soccer betting industry, and which roles has he taken on before. Some sites boast off AI and other software-based predictions backed by a strong mathematical model. In that case, see if you can have a look at the data, and understand which factors they consider for the algorithm to work perfectly. An ideal tipster site would combine the human experience with the mathematical accuracy.
  • Win rate: This is the only one that matters to most bettors, and why not? The best soccer tipsters are naturally expected to have very high wins rate. Of course, each tipster has days when they predict incorrectly, but you're looking for the one with maximum profits.
  • You should look for experts with win rates closer to 90%. Ideally, win rates of 85% and more are considered to be excellent by most bettors and even punters. This also helps increase your confidence levels when relying on the expert’s predictions. You should know that it is extremely difficult for a tipster to maintain such high winning rates. It’s almost near to impossible and speaks volumes about their knowledge and precision when it comes to Asian handicap bets. We, at Nowscore, try to connect you with as many such tipsters as possible.
  • Feedbacks by other punters and bettors: Given that we have an extensive network of punters and bettors using our facilities to make money, it's only right that you listen to their recommendations before making your own decisions.
  • 5. We encourage you to evaluate the independent feedbacks left by other soccer punters on various tipster websites listed with us. If you find positive reviews from real bettors like you, you should have every reason to choose that tipster. It would do you well to remember that each positive review for a tipster is comparative to a vote for an expert. In case you are skeptical about any reviews on our site after assessing their language for authenticity, we request you to bring it to our attention so that we may investigate it.
asian handicap bets asian-handicap-betting

Word of caution

There are several other ways to verify the genuineness of the soccer tipsters, such as whether they refund your money in draws at the Asian handicap football. Read all terms and conditions thoroughly and look for the Trust verified and monitored stamp. Nowscore is much more than just a tipster site. We are also a network of community. This is one more reason why you are able to access the best soccer tipster network from across the world. In simpler words, it means getting access to all our professional tipsters and the source of statistics and information that supports their tips and predictions for every Asian handicap betting. Join our community and see for yourself.

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