Correct score Soccer betting is all about predicting the correct score, either at the end of a match, or at half time. Some bookmakers also give odds on the total number of goals by individual players or a team at the end of a season or by a certain date, but the usual correct score bets are:

  • Half time score by either team;
  • Full time score by either team;
  • Number of goals scored altogether in a single match;
  • Greatest number of goals by an individual player.

Correct score soccer betting tips, like all betting tips, can be useful in narrowing down the possible bets you could make. Without these sorts of tips, a correct score bet is just a complete guess.

Those people who provide soccer predictions and correct score soccer betting tips spend a lot of time studying the fortunes of each team as a competition proceeds. They also pick up on how well an individual player is doing at any given time. Some players are much more likely to score a lot of goals than others. When teams are much more evenly matched, it is less likely that the final score is going to be as high as when one team dominates another.

Correct score betting makes binary wagers more interesting

Correct score soccer betting makes bets on soccer more interesting. Betting on soccer matches is normally a binary wager. Because in each fixture there is only one winner and one loser, assuming that there isn’t a draw, the number of possible bets becomes much more limited than other betting, for instance, where there are multiple possible winners. This is even truer when two teams meet and it is well known that one is the favourite to win. Bets based on “who is most likely to win” will give the longest odds to the underdog, but the bookmaker isn’t likely to win as much money as if the bets are more difficult to predict. The bookmaker makes money when the spread of potential bets is the greatest and when the bettors haven’t done their homework.

Spread betting and correct scores

Spread betting is where the pay-out is based on how accurate the wager is and not on a lose or win score as happens with fixed-odds betting A spread is a range of correct score outcomes and the bet after correct score soccer betting tips is if the result is below or above the spread. Spread betting more recently has become very important and in Britain attracts at least one million betting participants. In Britain, spread betting is under the control of the Financial Conduct Authority and not the Gambling Commission.

Those who make soccer predictions in spread betting help to provide a market for each side of a binary wager. Point spreading tends to favour the underdog in a match. Bookmakers tend to make their money out of the commission they charge rather than lost bets

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