Name : Jeffrey M5

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23/08/2014, 04:19 am

Dear Terry, Everton is the favourite in this match for me. This is the kind of match Arsenal have struggled with in recent years, tactically naive and their soft players bullied by physical opposition. Adding Sanchez is a positive, but they still miss a top forward and a midfield enforcer. Their performance against Palace also suggest they are far from their best form. In this match last season, which was a key game in the battle for fourth, Everton won convincingly 3-0, and I don't they are any weaker than last season. Will be interesting to see which way the market move, I expect the skarp bettors to be on Everton, but not sure what the public will do here, would not be surprised if Everton is the fav by kickoff.

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Name : Harris RR

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23/08/2014, 02:04 am

Fox, ok thanks..

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Name : Roger Nat

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21/08/2014, 10:28 pm

Terry John, In the Premier League game between Everton and Arsenal I think that there will be at least 2 goals. Everton play offensive tactics since their coach is Roberto Martinez so in most of their games there are usually goals. On the other side, Arsenal started well the season with 2 wins and 1 draw but I watched the game that they played against Besiktas and Besiktas had some good chances to score so Arsenal's defence isn't very good. And to score goals they have some good players like Alexis, Wilshere, Giroud or Ramsey. So I expect that both teams will play offensive tactics and will be a game with goals.

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Name : Jordon Q7

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18/08/2014, 01:05 am

Joe, i got unexpected good performance of becoming member of, they're giving me good profit.

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Name : Frankie Alpina

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17/08/2014, 09:10 pm

I wanna to said this tipster not serious at all. always afternoon give 1 tips and evening change another tips. waste of money.

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Name : Joe 1885

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17/08/2014, 07:54 am

Johnny, Thanks 4 ur advice. i will giv it a try.

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